Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Way Out West

Not a fishing trip, but a few hours lure fishing was sneaked in. In deepest Devon for a few days, was walking the coastal path with Mrs Essex Scribbler and when we stopped to admire the view and have a drink I stumbled across a telescopic rod and a few lures in the rucksack. What a lucky find.

A 3" stick worm was set up on a Texas rig and less than five minutes later the first wrasse of the day was on the rocks. Fun on a light spinning rod.

 A decent pollack quickly followed and we continued the walk, occasionally stopping for a few casts every now and again. Well, every few hundred yards actually. It would be rude to go all that way without having a fish though, wouldn't it ?

Moved on to North Devon, near Lynmouth. In Lynmouth itself there were hoards of coffin dodgers and we were probably the youngest people in the town by about 20 years ( well, it felt like it ). The fine specimen below was slightly different from most of the pensioners in the town. This was an Essex version of the coffin dodger. 

About 70 years old, resplendent in teenager's hoodie, with a print of two dragons on the back, a pair of hideous nylon joggers, white trainers, obligatory gold chain, dyed blonde hair, smoking a fag and telling his mate he was "Takin' a bleedin' liberty". Class.

Visited Slapton Sands for the first time in about 30+ years. What a beach. Decent weather and a great trip all round.


  1. Top stuff Wak. The home boys fill you with pride don't they!Chip eaters to a man.

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