Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Piking with Mak

I awoke in darkness, despite it only being 6 o clock on Friday morning, to the sound of high winds, though thankfully there was no rattling on the window panes, indicating that the forecast rain had not yet arrived.

Food and drink packed, I met Norfolk Legend Mak Baines on the banks of the lake, ready for the first days  piking of the season. Rods cast out, kettle on, all was well with the world.
To use a well worn cliche, we were putting the world to rights. For your information, the following topics were covered -

The burka/hijab in relation to the British legal system.
Why the England football team are shit.
Hideous outburst of violence at Colchester McDonalds, witnessed by Mak.
Joggers (the clothing, not the activity ).
The Daily Mail - Yes, that old "favourite".Much effing and blinding and self righteous indignation followed .
"Der Yoof" of today.
Ageing, leading on to death, leading on to The Afterlife, or the lack of it.
Strictly Come Dancing
Kids and how much they cost you.
The Human Condition
Books you must read.

That's just a taster. Loads of tea was drank, in between Mak managed a nice pike just short of 10lb.

Then the rain moved in and it became rather grim.We gave it until half two and decided to call it a day. Just as we were packing away Mak had another pike, this time a bit smaller, which had taken his bedraggled sardine. Still, a good day.


  1. A legend in my never were Derri boots.

  2. Bugger, I discuss those things and I fish on my own. Now I really am worried! Some great photographs.


  3. Don't worry John, you probably talk about as much sense to yourself as we do to each other !