Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Back At Last

After almost three months without fishing, due to a combination of poor....no, absolutely abysmal weather and correspondingly dire fishing, me and The Mighty Turdster were back on the road, after the first of the spring roker and maybe an early bass.

At the end of April we tried an evening session on a local beach and disappointingly had only small codling and whiting, plus a big dogfish.

Last Saturday however, after a week of good weather, we set out in the direction of Skatesville, north Essex. Reaching the heaving car park at about four in the afternoon, the whole area was full of chip eaters of all shapes and sizes (mostly on the large side though). One family had set up "camp"on a dusty car track adjacent to the beach, right next to the aptly named "Biffa" refuse bins. Saves walking twenty yards to the beach and wasting badly needed calories I suppose.

Anyway, after the customary long walk we set up in what was a very strong south westerly wind, conditions more suited to cod than roker. Two rods each were cast out with herring and whole squid and we sat back and watched the wind drop right off to a very gentle westerly.....much more to my liking.

After an hour and a half with no action the uptide rod gently but firmly pulled over. I resisted the temptation to pull into it straight away and left it until it looked like the fish had firmly taken the bait. When I tightened down there was no doubt that this was the first roker of the season. No great fight, but solid resistance and a few minutes later a fish of about 7lb hit the shingle.

TMT took the obligatory photo, in which I turned out to look even more of a plonker than usual. I imagine myself looking like a cool white rasta in this hat, not like a camp character from a 1970s sitcom ! Take a look while I feel the shame.
Next cast and the same thing happens, this time one about 4 or 5lb. I rebaited and cast out again and five minutes later the same rod is off again, with a fish of similar size. Three in three casts, can't be bad.

All at the top half hour of the tide. Just as the the tide started to to turn, TMT was in with his first ever shore caught roker, a nice fish of around 7lb. Well done Turdous.
A few minutes later I was in again, another decent one around 7lb. We continued to fish the tide three hours down but surprisingly had no more. 

A great start to the season though, with five between us. Weather turned out great too, mild and very light winds.

Easy this roker fishing, so we went back for another go on Monday evening in even better conditions. And didn't get a touch !

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  1. I thought your Vince Cable Homburg was the apogee of style but what a tam. Blakeney was the home of white trustafarians for a while, you'ld better wear it next time yiu're up ni North Norfolk an a bass tip