Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Friday, 25 July 2014

Wrassetastic Scilly Isles

After a hike along a section of the South West Coastal Path between Falmouth and Penzance I hopped on the ferry over to the Scilly Isles. I stayed at a nice campsite on St Marys, a few minutes from the town and even closer to what turned out to be a superb rock mark for wrasse.

First session I was into fish from the off, all sizes, mainly 1-3lb, with the odd bigger fish thrown in for good measure. All caught on light lure gear, stick lures presented Texas style.
Most mornings before breakfast I had a few casts at this spot and I had fish on almost all occasions. On the second day I started at low water and noticed a big wrasse following the lure in maybe two feet of water. I stopped retrieving, twitched the lure a couple of times and the fish hit it hard and dived for the rocks. Luckily I managed to steer (bully) it away from danger and landed what was the biggest wrasse of the trip.
A real beast, very thick across the back and estimated at no less than 5lb. Picture ruined by my white topless body. I have since taken steps to minimise this problem with improved tan.
I had several trips to some of the smaller islands. St Martins was probably my favourite, lovely place, again with good fishing. One area known is Brandy Point seemed absolutely stuffed with them and had twenty five in the course of the afternoon.

A day on St Agnes proved a bit more difficult, but once I'd found where they were I had some decent fish, unfortunately I fished like a knob and lost several fish including a real brute which took me into some bolders before snapping the trace. I missed the early ferry and whilst waiting for the next one, had a cast by the quay where I took the biggest of the day, another greenie of four pounds plus.
I had a session on St Marys for pollock and although it was hard going I still managed three between four and five pounds, casting into 80 feet plus of water with jelly worms. All the takes came right under my feet, by the boulders and kelp beds.
Had some litluns too !

It's certainly a beautiful place and well worth a visit, despite it being relatively difficult to reach and bloody expensive when you're there.
If you ever go, be sure to have breakfast at The Mermaid and a few pints of Tribute and Doom Bar in the evening. Great pub.

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