Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Thursday, 4 September 2014

August - Loooocal Bass and a Few More Wrasse

Had a nice session for the wrasse at East Prawle a couple of weeks ago, just a few hours in the morning , but had four out on a stick worm on a Texas rig. Lovely weather again, my favourite place I think.
Missed more than I hooked as usual, but what a fantastic place to fish.

In the last two weeks of August the bass seemed to have appeared around here in bigger numbers. The first session after returning from Devon, I went to the usual spot and had six out in the first hour and a half of the flood, four of which were 2-3lb. On float fished ragworm in about 18" to 2 foot of water.

Being a greedy kind of bloke (and having the time) I went back the next day and had eight takes, all of which I missed ! The Mighty Turdster fished next to me and didn't have a touch. Every cloud, etc.

When everyone else was at work I went back in the week and in blustery, quite wild conditions had four between 2 and 3lb again. All in immaculate condition, stuffed with crab, worm and fry.
A few days later me and Conan The Whittler tried the same spot at night, me fishing the float with an isotope and The Whittler ledgering, but popping  his baits up off the bottom to avoid the crabs. We had two bass each, this time not so big, maybe just over the 1lb mark. The Whittler also had the misfortune to catch three big eels which amused him not one bit.
I thought I'd better have another couple of trips before the tides totally eased off and managed to winkle out a couple of decent fish each time, slower fishing , but still reasonable considering it was the middle of the day.

So that's 16 in half a dozen trips, each session lasting an hour and a half (you get cut off if you're not careful on this mark). Good fishing at the moment.

Ireland next week with The Mighty Turdster. High hopes, but I always have ! We'll see.

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