Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bass, Bass and More Bass

I kept saying to anyone who would listen ( the list was very short ), " The big tides at the end of September will give us the best bassing of the year if conditions are right ". So, me and Conan The Whittler went down the river on Sunday evening, just before low water and dug some ragworm, ready to fish the first hour and a half of the flood.
There was a brisk northerly wind blowing directly straight on to us, which had coloured the water somewhat. Still, it wasn't too bad. We packed up a couple of hours later without a proper bite. Unfortunately, there was a boat drift netting for bass in the river at the time, though whether this was the reason for our failure I don't know.
A day later the wind dropped and went round to the west, so I decided to give it another go at same place, same  tide state. First chuck a bass hit the ragworm on the drop and before I could strike the clutch screamed as a seriously pissed off bass headed seawards in a foot of water. It was obviously a decent fish and when it finally came into view I put it at approaching 5lb. Safely landed and on the scales it went 4lb 8oz, a real corker for the river.
Next cast and I was in again, this time a nice fish just over 2lb. The action continued for 90 minutes until the tide forced me off the mudflats .
I ended up with seven bass, six between 2lb and four and a half pounds.
Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth I was down there again next morning at dawn, when it was still dark. A little isotope on the float, a check to see if tide had started to flood and a ten yard cast and within seconds the float shot under and yet another cracking bass violently thrashed on the surface, before being quickly beached. I had four fish in the next half hour, all good'uns, whereupon it went quiet.

I sent a text to The Whittler telling ( boasting ) of my successs. "You mad bastard, you're obsessed with it" he said. I then told him what great condition the fish were in and immediately got a text back saying " I know. I'm down my local spot and I've had three to 3lb 12oz ". Ha ! So I'm not the only one.
Next day and we had some bait left over so we went to Frinton for a few hours. Whiting, small codling, pouting, rockling and The Whittler had a nice sole. But it was a bit tame compared to light tackle bassing.
I'm knackered today, but may struggle out for an hour this evening. It would be a shame to waste good bait (that's my excuse).

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