Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

On The Good Ship Turdster

Got back from Ireland on Saturday and Sunday morning I was digging ragworm for a trip with The Mighty Turdster on Monday, out from Shotley on the Stour estuary. I say "out from Shotley", it's about 200 yards off Shotley. The Turdster likes to keep close to home.
Another beautiful day, light south easterly winds and bright sunshine.
We started fishing just as the tide started to flood, me float fishing and Turdous chucking out a 4 oz breakaway in the briney. Turdous had the first four fish, little schoolie bass around the pound mark, that all came in covered in weed and detritus. I lectured him about how angling is a quest for sport, not merely results ( due to me being 4-0 down at this stage ) and how float fishing enables you to enjoy the fight without tonnes of weed deadening the feel.
Being an angling philistine he shrugged and said he "didn't give a shit". I then had a couple of schoolies on the float, then the rod hooped round and the clutch screamed as an obviously bigger fish put up a great battle. Turdous had it in the net first try and a near 4lb bass graced the boat. "Normal service is resumed" I gloated.

Turdous was definitely catching more fish than me, but none were keepers. Then I tried a light ledger off the back of the boat and was immediately into another decent fish. Lovely. Did I rub it in ? Just a bit. I can be an insufferable twat.
The schoolie bass continued to feed, along with whiting, flounders and, oh dear, hideous eels, for The Mighty Turdster. To be fair, he was loving it. He did eventually get one bass that he said was "over the legal size limit" and this predictably was cracked on the heed and taken home for someone on an extreme diet to snack on (sorry Turd).
You might think The Tiurdster is pissed off in this photo. He's not, this is his default expression. He's a miserable git, it's part of his charm.
A great day all round. Cheers Cap'n.


  1. Never miss a chance to stick the knife in and twist. What is now called"bantoor" I believe. Bet that went well on the end of your line.

  2. As I said, I'm a bit of a twat. The more abuse I give someone, the more I like 'em. It most certainly did go well on the end of my line.