Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hoping Lightening Will Strike Twice......

After Wednesday's manic session, me and The Whittler, this time accompanied by The Mighty Turdster, decided ( that makes it sound like we considered not going. We didn't, we couldn't wait to get back down there ) to fish Friday night, to see if there were still a few roker about.

Me and The Whittler endured the long walk, to be greeted by Turdy who informed us he'd just had a run in with a big dog fox that had crept up on him and came up to within a few feet of him. Despite being 6' 2" and sixteen stone Turdy is a bit of a "Scaredy Cat" and pulled his knife on the fox before asking if he could fish next to The Whittler in case it showed up again.

As we were tackling up, I heard shouting from the Turdster's direction and as I looked up a nice roker slid up the beach. Good to see this early in the tide. My first cast and it'd only been out a few minutes and I had a slackliner, resulting in a double shot of roker.....another first for me, although they weren't very big. The next few casts produced whiting, lots of them, most just undersized.

We were all catching well, mostly whiting, with codling, roker and dogs thrown in. Not as busy as Wednesday night, but good fishing nevertheless. High tide came and went and, it being getting towards 2 a.m, The Turdster laid down, had a smoke and nodded off. A few minutes later an almighty crash and his rod rest had collapsed, as a roker dragged one of his rods seawards. Turdy managed to grab the rod and beached another nice one of around 5lb.

It was time to go ( although The Whittler, being a hard, hungry bastard  fished on for another hour ) and the final scores were, me, 6 roker ( not as big as the other night, most 3-4lb ), 6 codling to 2lb, one big dog and lots of whiting, including a few good'uns. The Whittler had 4 roker, plus codling and whiting, but the honours just about went to The Mighty Turdster with 6 good sized roker, plus codling and whiting.

Another very enjoyable session. Looking forward to the next one already.

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