Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Thursday, 23 October 2014

October Madness

No photos on this one I'm afraid. Me and Conan The Whittler had intended to fish the local beach on Tuesday evening, but due to the arse end of Hurrcane whatever the feck it's called, we bailed out and decided to go the following night.
I had a crap afternoon and by 8 in the evening almost didn't bother going, but as I knew The Whittler was already down there fishing, I thought I better make the effort.
I turned up at 9.15, Whittler told me he'd had a few whiting and on my first cast the rod pulled over, was met with firm resistance and a few minutes later a 6lb roker hit the beach. Nice start. Cast out out again and a minute later same thing happens. And again. In the first 45 minutes I'd had five roker. That is ridiculous for shore fishing anytime, but October ?
The Whittler was catching plenty of whiting but remain rokerless. Then suddenly I heard a shout and his rod hooped over and he was in.
This continued all night, until we packed up at 2.00, knackered and covered in slime, bait and sweat.
The final tally was Whittler,  four codling, two big doggies, 40 plus whiting and four roker. Me, a dozen whiting, three codling and twenty ( yes 20 ) roker.
Most of the roker were caught at very close range, maybe 40-60 yards out. There's definitely a gully in front of where I was, me and The Whittler were fishing pretty much the same and it was obvious there were more roker in front of me.
Herring outfished squid three or four to one this evening.
After our buckets were filled with fish we were chucking sizeable codling and 5-6lb roker back......there was no way we could have carried them for a mile or more over the shingle. As it was, the walk back took twice as long as normal, as we kept stopping to "change hands".
A ridiculously good night's fishing that I don't ever expect to see repeated.

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