Tales from the Tendring Flatlands

Tales from the Tendring Flatlands
Summer Bassing

Monday, 31 December 2012

Dunwich Dabfest

Early Sunday morning five of us set out for Dunwich for another crack at the dabs that have started to show along the Suffolk shingle. Krakov picked me and Goozgog up in the Land Rover and shortly after dawn broke we arrived in the car park and met up with Conan The Whittler and The Turdster.

Considering all the wet weather we've been having we again managed to hit it right, with clear blue skies and a strong south westerly wind, blowing right to left along the beach and slight off our backs. We started fishing at about 8.30, with high tide being about 11.30.

A no-rules competition for the biggest dab ensured, with Krakov making the most of  the non-rules with a five hook paternoster, which he thankfully lost after an hour or so.

Krakov Longlining
The Mighty Turdster was first to catch with a small dab and soon everyone was catching regularly, with two and three shots of dabs and whiting commonplace. Most were just undersized, but plenty of decent whiting and a few dabs were kept for the pot.

At high tide Goozgog donned the chef hat and prepared sausage and bacon baps for everyone, which were greedily consumed at the Krakov shelter (apart from the grumpy Turdster, who elected to eat his by himself).

Conan The Whittler, blasting one rod out at maximum range, managed to catch a nice codling around the 3lb which was the biggest fish of the day.

As the tide turned the fish seemed to feed even harder and again double and treble shots were the norm. Last week, most fish were caught at close range and today proved to be no different, with a 50-60 yard lob being ample. All baits worked, but I probably had most dabs on a small black lug/ herring cocktail.

Fishing tailed off about three hours after the top of the tide and as a bank of rain approached in the distance we called it a day. A dispute between myself and The Turdster as to who had caught the biggest dab  was resolved when Krakov produced some dodgy scales and announced that I had narrowly beaten Turdy.

I had a total of 20 dabs, 20 whiting and a pout and the rest of the lads had similar catches, unusual on the east coast to catch that many fish in daylight.

Another really enjoyable day. Sunshine, good company, hot food and plenty of fish. It doesn't get much better than that.

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